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Opportunity Expert Advisor is fully automated trading system based on built in MetaTrader 4 indicator RSI (Relative Strength Index) with grid trading method. RSI Is finely tuned only for EUR/GBP Currency Pair on 5 minute time frame. It places several long or short trades according to market’s over bought or over sold condition and Stop Losses calculated by EA. After several months of back testing and forward testing we designed a powerful expert advisor which will gain you about 117% profit yearly and between 5% and 15% monthly. This system has a constant profit for over TWELVE YEARS of back testing. System will open an average of 15 positions per month.


Opportunity Team appreciates honesty because we want our users to be satisfied with our products.

There is no refund on our products simply because we can't predict the market. No one can predict the market. We don't know how forex market will behave in future considering that World's economy is in the big recesion. Our warranty is that we designed Opportunity EA based on twelve years of five minute data wich is plenty of market conditions.

This is not EA that will make You rich in short period of time. Opportunity EA has constant profit of 5 to 15 percent monthly and about 117 percent yearly.

So do not waste your money on expert advisors who promise you hundreds and thousands of percent profit per month, let's be real, it is not possible.

Start making money in Forex Market with our Expert Advisor, this is Your Opportunity.

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